Membership Monday – Sarah Motsinger

Sarah Motsinger is one of the JLDOC’s 2016-2017 Sustainer Liaisons. As Sustainer Liaison, she represents the interests of the sustaining members on the JLDOC Board of Directors. Sarah joined the League in 2009 following the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, who were also JLDOC members. She remembers growing up filling her family’s “bargain sale box” and helping her mom at the Middle School After-School Projects (which continues as the JLDOC’s After School Program).

Sarah’ commitment to the JLDOC is not tied solely to her family legacy. She says, “I love the connection that the JLDOC has to community. Both the community that we support and serve, but also the community of women in the Durham and Chapel Hill areas and beyond.”

In her time with the JLDOC, Sarah has served on the Leadership Development, Home Roam, and Cookbook committees. It was during her service on the Cookbook committee that Sarah realized she wanted to be more involved in a leadership role. She was about ready to become a sustainer, and Sarah explains that serving as a Sustainer Liaison “would allow me to stay connected to the heart of league while exploring new ways to connect sustainers as well.”

Sarah adds, “My heart and soul can be found in the pages of Taste of Tobacco Road, so the journey and completion of that project is certainly my proudest League accomplishment. However, these sustainers know how to have fun, so I feel like I am embarking on another exciting journey now!”

The endless opportunities her position provides is something Sarah appreciates. She recognizes that she is standing on the shoulders of giants who over the years “have raised thousands of dollars and changed countless lives through the JLDOC’s programs. We are able to meet our objectives today because of the hard work and vision of our sustainers and I want them to know our gratitude and to feel celebrated.”

For those who aspire to become sustainers, Sarah encourages, “Know who you are and do not overcommit yourself. Let your no mean no and your yes mean yes, and do not apologize for that.” Additionally, “find something—an event, a projects, a cause—that you are passionate about and go for it! Narrow your lens so that your JLDOC time is being spent on something you truly enjoy and are willing to invest in.”

Here are a few things you might not know about Sarah:

  • Occupation: Fundraising and Event Planning
  • Family: Married for nearly 12 years to AJ Motsinger. We have two children: Lilly (5 years) and Jack (1 year).
  • Community involvement outside the League: Sunday School and Nursery, Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Favorite restaurant in Durham or Orange County: Vin Rouge
  • Best book you’ve read recently: Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty
  • Best movie you’ve seen recently: Finding Dory
  • Favorite Sports team(s): Carolina Tar Heels
  • What do you like to do for fun? I love reading, having fun at lake with my family, playing around with DIY design projects.

Thank you, Sarah, for continuing your family’s legacy and establishing your own!