Membership Monday – Christy Graves

Christy Graves is a Chapel Hill native and the current Nominating Chair. She joined the JLDOC in 2006 after graduating from UNC. She turned to the Junior League as a way to meet new friends and to get involved in her community.

Involved she has been! Before being elected to Nominating Chair, Christy welcomed and advised new members on the Provisionals Committee and led the JLDOC’s largest fundraiser, Bargain Sale. She loves volunteering for the JLDOC Extra Hands events. “It’s so much fun to work alongside other JLDOCers and to meet new League members all while having a tangible impact on the community. It’s always a fulfilling experience!”

Christy is dedicated to helping the League move forward. The Nominating Committee is in charge of vetting League leaders to identify candidates for JLDOC Board positions, so as chair, Christy is able to help further the strategic mission of the League.

After serving on Bargain Sale, Christy has gone on to chair the Nominating committee. She says, “It sounded like a fun, new challenge I was ready to accept…I was ready to take on a new role that had a stronger impact in the future of the League.”

Christy advises, “Playing a role in shaping the future of the League is an opportunity that no one should pass up. Our leadership is vital in choosing how and why the League moves in a particular direction. If you love the JLDOC and care about the choices we make, get involved in leadership and have your voice heard!”

On serving in leadership positions and balancing life, Christy offers sage advice, “Understand what you’re taking on. Ask questions, talk to former leaders, talk to us on the Nominating committee and truly wrap your head around what will be expected of you. This kind of preparation will set you up for success and make you an active contributor in shaping the future of the JLDOC!!”

Outside of the JLDOC, Christy and some of her friends organize The Polar Challenge, an annual golf tournament in Durham that raises money for the American Cancer Society. She is also one of the brains behind Chapel Hill Toffee, a company founded and owned by the Graves family, where she does “a little bit of everything.”

Here are a few things you might not know about Christy:

  • Family: Husband, Mark, and son, Griff
  • Favorite restaurant in Durham or Orange County: Piedmont, Nana’s, NanaSteak, Jujube, 411 West, The Pig, I can’t pick just one!!
  • Best book you have read recently: I Totally Meant to Do That, by Jane Borden. She’s a writer who went to UNC and moved to NYC, and she is absolutely hilarious! I enjoyed relating to her and I laughed out loud multiple times!
  • Best movie you have seen recently: The Imitation Game – so fascinating and based on a true story!
  • Favorite Sports team(s): Carolina Tar Heels!
  • What do you like to do for fun? Explore new cities, try new restaurants and go to UNC football and basketball games.

Christy, thank you for your vision and service to the JLDOC. We are lucky to have you!