Spotted in the Community: Diaper Wrappers

The Little Leaguers Committee organizes events that promote engaging kids in community service, allowing JLDOC members to share their love of volunteering with their children. Recently the Little Leaguers partnered with the Diaper Bank of North Carolina to prepare packages of diapers and baby wipes for families in need. Executive Director Michelle Old gave the team an overview of what the Diaper Bank does and how it reaches families in need. Then League members and their children worked in teams to repackage diapers of all sizes and wipes.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that in 2015, 23-28% of North Carolinian children under the age of 5 lived in poverty (defined as an annual income of $24,450 for a family of 4 people). Diapers alone can cost $80 or more per month, and families on temporary assistance receive less than $300 per month for basic needs (such as rent, clothing, utilities; based on one parent and one child). The high burden of diaper costs forces many parents to make extremely difficult decisions about where to allocate their precious dollars. With food shelter, food, and transportation often taking priority, some families simply cannot afford to pay for diapers. Even reusable diapers often are not feasible, especially for parents who work (often multiple jobs) or lack of access to laundry facilities in their home.

The Diaper Bank provides critical resources that can help prevent painful and expensive skin and urinary infections in infants and toddlers. The organization distributes diaper packages through agencies that work directly with families throughout North Carolina. This helps to ensure families in need are connected with appropriate case management services and receive supplies quickly and efficiently. Last year, the Diaper Bank distributed over 2 million diapers across the state! Diapers alone won’t help alleviate poverty, but these services can improve the health and quality of life for many struggling families.

Do you want to help? There are many ways to get involved. You can donate diapers, wipes, money and time, or consider participating in the Diaper Bank’s upcoming fundraiser, Kidcycle Consignment.