Provisionals in the Garden

Volunteering is one of the corner stones of the Junior League of Durham and Orange Counties. Every member of the JLDOC completes the Provisional program before becoming an “active” member. The semester-long course is designed to teach incoming members about the mission and operations of the League and, perhaps most importantly, to train them to become strong volunteers and ambassadors in the community.

A key portion of the Provisional program is the Provisional Project. Its purpose is to develop the potential of our provisional members by building their skills as trained volunteers through effective action. Each project is structured to ensure it aligns with the JLDOC mission and community focus. It is also flexible enough to allow the provisionals to express their creativity and leadership in planning and implementation.


This fall the Provisional class partnered with Anathoth Community Garden. Anathoth was created in response to a community tragedy in order to provide members with a healing space that also promoted deeper connections with the land.

The Garden serves its community by offering a CSA program on a sliding scale, making it possible for most families in the area to participate. The program also includes donations to Orange County families in need.

In November the Provisional class offered a cooking demonstration to 20 CSA participants and community members. Working closely with Executive Director Chas Edens, they developed four committees that oversaw operations, finance, material preparations, and marketing for the event. The goal was to equip participants with some of the basic and important techniques for preparing the foods in their shares.

During the demonstration, CSA members learned how to peel and chop a butternut squash and how to dice an onion. They learned about “massaging” kale to create a tenderer and tastier kale salad. The group also made foil veggie packets that can be made ahead and cooked easily in the oven.

At the end of the demonstration, the CSA participants and provisional members shared a meal of skillet fajitas, kale salad with craisins, walnuts, and blue cheese, and their foil veggie packets with butternut squash, onions, and sweet potatoes.

It was a fun and educational event for everyone. The Provisional class and the JLDOC are grateful for our partnership with Anathoth Community Garden and look forward to co-hosting more events like this.

Are you interested in how you can participate in these types of events? More information about joining the provisional class can be found here.