Membership Monday – Megan Sterlina

Megan Sterlina has been with the JLDOC since 2008 and is now the Nominating Assistant Chair. Megan grew up in Chapel Hill, went to UNC, and cares for patients as a physician assistant at UNC Hospitals. She joined the League because, as she says, “after graduation, when my friends returned home, I wanted to find a way to meet new people and to see my community in a new way.”

Megan’s service to the League has been diverse, ranging from working with Kids in the Kitchen (KITK) and Home Roam to serving on the Community Connections committee and leading the Transfers committee. Her reach extends even beyond the JLDOC. She recalls, “My favorite experience was going to the JL Boston Annual Gala. It was fun to meet League members from Boston and good to learn about their focus and interests.”

How did Megan become a League leader? “I said yes!” Megan began her leadership stepping up to fill in for a League leader who moved. “After that, I realized how fun and rewarding leadership could be.” Leadership has deepened Megan’s knowledge of the League. “You have the ability to understand the reason things are done but also the opportunity to share ideas and opinions to help make the League better.” She encourages League members to get involved in leadership. “Your opinions and ideas matter – don’t be afraid to share them and to speak up with constructive, League-centered feedback. Invest in the League and care about the work you do, and your League experience will be even more enjoyable!”

Megan maintains work, home and JLDOC life balance by remembering that each is a part of her life. The priorities among these facets change, and Megan reminds herself to be flexible and shift her focus as needed. Most importantly, Megan says, “I am not an island, so I rely on my team to help and support my endeavors.”

Here are a few things you might not know about Megan:

  • Family: I recently got married to my husband, Doug. We live in Durham with our cat, Percy.
  • Community involvement outside the League: Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society
  • Favorite restaurant in Durham or Orange County: Pizzeria Toro (Durham), Kipos (Chapel Hill)
  • Best book you have read recently: The Emperor of Maladies (not new, but I loved it!)
  • Favorite sports team: UNC!
  • What do you like to do for fun? I like to cook, host get-togethers, tailgate, try new restaurants, ride bikes, and travel with the hubby!

Megan, thank you for saying YES to the League. We are thankful you chose us!