Membership Monday – Kathleen Harrell

harrell_webKathleen Harrell is the 2016-2017 Community Council Assistant Vice President. She joined the JLDOC in 2009 to connect with her community and develop new friendships. Since joining, she has worked with the Face of the League and Community Connection. Kathleen most recently led the Issues-2-Impact (I2I) initiative to identify a community focus for the JLDOC, one of her favorite League experiences. “I enjoyed putting together the membership feedback pieces of I2I and seeing where and how it led us where we are.” That, and she loves our monthly General Membership Meetings: the people, food, and information – all of it!

Kathleen got involved in leadership through her own interest, asking questions, and building relationships within the League. She believes in the power and impact of the League, and serving as a League leader enables her to see and participate in the greater vision of the JLDOC. To her fellow League members, she advises, “Be open. Trust yourself and the people in the room to be vulnerable. Be open to being pushed in new directions. Be open to the League and remember that it’s what you make it.”

In her life outside the JLDOC, Kathleen is a literacy coach and interventionist. She is active in her school and church communities. Balancing the competing needs of her work, family, and JLDOC lives entails “keeping a good calendar and taking it all as it comes.”

Here are a few things you might not know about Kathleen:

  • Family: married to Chad, 3-year-old PJ, Belle the wild dog
  • Favorite restaurant in Durham or Orange County: Nanataco
  • Best book you have read recently: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
  • Best movie you have seen recently: Finding Dory
  • Favorite sports teams: ECU Pirates and UNC Tar Heels
  • What do you like to do for fun? Travel, read, cook, reality TV (guilty pleasure). I love my city – hanging out in Durham.

Kathleen, thank you for helping us make our League members’ visions a reality!