Membership Monday – Amanda Lumsden

lumsdena_webAmanda Lumsden is this year’s JLDOC Treasurer. Amanda, a 4th grade teacher and longtime Durham resident, joined the League in 2011 to rediscover the community as a volunteer and advocate. Through her service on the Bargain Sale Committee she has also met many new people and created new friendships.

Amanda’s experience on Bargain Sale began as a committee member, and she later became the committee’s Marketing Manager and then Business Manager. By taking on a little more responsibility every year, she found herself working toward a League leadership position.

Through leadership on the Board, Amanda likes that she can see all aspects of the League coming together, something that was more difficult to witness on a single committee. “We truly are an amazing and inspiring group of women!”

Her strategies for maintaining work/life/JLDOC balance include organization and transparency. This includes keeping up with your commitments and knowing when to say no in order to avoid stretching yourself too thin.

That said, Amanda encourages League members to have fun and enjoy the friendships made in the JLDOC along the way. “Be willing to ask others for help, and be there for your League members when they need you. The relationships you build with one another can become lifelong friendships and make a lasting impact on others in the community through your service!”

Here are a few things you may not know about Amanda:

  • Favorite League experience: Volunteering with the Kramden Institute, hands down! I was one of the volunteers chosen to reward families of deserving students with free computers. I sat with the students and walked them through setting up the computer and learning how to use their new computer. The excitement on the students’ faces coupled with the gratitude of the families is something I’ll never forget. It was a wonderful morning for us all.
  • Family: Treve Lumsden (husband), Treve (son, 4 years old), and one on the way!!! We also have an English springer spaniel named Fisher and 2 cats, Hurley and Boogie.
  • Favorite restaurant in Durham or Orange County: There are so many to pick from!!! I guess I would have to say Only Burger. I love a good burger and a beer.
  • Best book you’ve read recently: Kid-lit all the way! Right now anything by Rick Riordan (I know, I’m a dorky teacher!).
  • Best movie you’ve seen recently: I haven’t had time to watch very many movies recently, but I’m obsessed with all British television. My current obsession is “Poldark.”
  • Favorite Sports team(s): UNC (GO HEELS!), Atlanta Braves, Carolina Panthers, and Carolina Hurricanes.
  • What do you like to do for fun? Spend time with my family, travel, go to concerts and games, and watch TV.

Thank you, Amanda, for your support of the League!