New Members

The Spring 2017 Provisional Application is now closed. Our Fall 2017 application will open this summer and the link will be available here. Please contact for more information.

The Mission of the Junior League of Durham and Orange Counties (JLDOC) as a member of the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) is to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women, and improve communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Although our purpose is educational and charitable, the JLDOC also has a lot of fun and fosters strong relationships among our passionate, inspiring, and community-oriented members. The League invites women of all races, religions, sexual orientations, and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to voluntarism to join us in making a difference.

All new members must complete a Provisional Course, the purpose of which is to acquaint new members with the JLDOC, AJLI, and the responsibilities of Active Membership. This initial training also prepares new members for effective community and League involvement. As a Provisional Member (a member in the process of completing the Provisional Course), a number of time and financial commitments are required. These requirements are outlined as follows.

The following are time commitments required for completing the Provisional Course:

1. Attend Super Saturday

Super Saturday is the kickoff training for new provisional members interested in joining the League. This half-day retreat gives provisional members an opportunity to meet their class, learn about the Association of Junior Leagues and learn specifics about the Junior League of Durham and Orange County. At the retreat, Provisionals will receive information on requirements, dates for all of the events, and the structure and operational mechanisms of the League. Attendees and presenters include Board members, JLDOC sustainers and provisional advisors.

2. Attend all Provisional Class Meetings

Provisionals are required to attend perspective-specific meetings that teach the overall committee structure of the League and educate on the opportunities to get involved.There are several provisional training meetings, typically held on Wednesday evenings at the Hill House. During each meeting, committee chairs and assistant chairs present information to the provisional class to help each provisional decide how to shape her League experience.

3. Participate in two Extra Hands Events

“Extra Hands” is the term used within the League for the volunteer opportunities offered throughout the year. Our members volunteer with various organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Durham Museum of Life and Science, Urban Ministries, Meals on Wheels and dozens of other local groups. Extra Hands are often announced at GMMs and members are encouraged to sign up on the website. The provisional class will participate in one Extra Hands organized by the provisional advisors over the course of the semester. Each provisional member chooses the second event from the JLDOC Extra Hands calendar to match her interests and schedule.

4. Participate in Provisional Class Project

Provisionals participate in the planning of a provisional-specific community project, with guidance from the provisional advisors and the board. Participation includes required attendance at two provisional planning meetings and any necessary active committee meetings, all of which will be held Wednesday evenings.

5. Attend Council and Committee Fair

At the end of the semester, the provisional members will have an opportunity to meet with individual JLDOC active members from each of the four councils. Provisional members have the opportunity to ask questions and receive information about specific active member placements in order to make an informed decision about the best placement to match their interests and schedules.

Financial Commitment:

Fall Class

I  Annual dues: $143

II  Provisional Course fee: $85

III  Tickets to JLDOC fundraisers (may be sold to others): $60

IV  Bargain Sale quota (donated items): $75 in resale value

V  Participation in Annual Celebration in May (optional)

VI  Other JLDOC merchandise, including t-shirts or cookbooks (optional, varies)

Spring Class

I  Annual dues: $90

II  Provisional Course fee: $85

III  Tickets to JLDOC fundraisers (may be sold to others): $45

IV  Participation in Annual Celebration in May (optional)

Other JLDOC merchandise, including t-shirts or cookbooks (optional, varies)