Sharing Gratitude with Our Community

Happy New Year from the JLDOC! As the holiday season comes to a close, we reflect on the many things we are thankful for. One of the greatest aspects of the League is that its members have a variety of opportunities to express their gratitude by sharing their time and talents with our community year-round.Read More

Harvey Can’t Stop the Junior League

Just as we start getting excited to kick off the 2017-2018 League year, we are sobered by the widespread devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey (now Tropical Depression Harvey) and the trauma experienced by our friends and families along the Texas and Louisiana coasts. Most of us have seen the horrifying images of destroyed buildings andRead More

Member Spotlight – Laina Balafas

Laina Balafas is one of the current JLDOC Provisional Advisors. As a provisional advisor, she helps new League members become trained as League volunteers and oriented in League operations and communications. Laina herself joined the JLDOC in spring 2014 in order to connect with her community and meet new friends. Although she grew up inRead More

Member Spotlight – Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown, a Durham-based entrepreneur, joined the JLDOC in 2013. Courtney was looking for a way to make sure volunteering remained a priority within her busy schedule and to meet more people. Since joining, she has come to love the people and connections she has made and appreciate being able to see the JL growRead More

Member Spotlight – Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy joined the JLDOC in 2015 after moving to the Triangle from Los Angeles. She was new to the area and eager to get involved in her community. Always one to be socially engaged, Sarah found herself working from home and felt removed from her surroundings. The JLDOC offered a way for her toRead More

Membership Spotlight – Kate Walton

Kate Walton, a Chapel Hill native, joined the JLDOC in 2013 after she moved back to the area from Washington DC. The League offered a way for Kate to give back to her community and also expand her social group. As the Durham and Chapel Hill areas continue their rapid growth, Kate has found thatRead More

Member Spotlight – Amy Jones

Amy Jones joined the JLDOC in 2016 after moving to downtown Durham in 2015. She quickly fell in love with Durham’s vibrancy and quirkiness. As she came to know her new home, she realized its residents have unique challenges and wanted to be part of the solution. The Junior League gave Amy a way toRead More

Spotted in the Community: Diaper Wrappers

The Little Leaguers Committee organizes events that promote engaging kids in community service, allowing JLDOC members to share their love of volunteering with their children. Recently the Little Leaguers partnered with the Diaper Bank of North Carolina to prepare packages of diapers and baby wipes for families in need. Executive Director Michelle Old gave the teamRead More

Member Spotlight- Katie Kinsley

Katie Kinsley joined the JLDOC in 2012 in order to get involved in her community and meet other women who share her interests. She has served on the Extra Hands and Kids in the Kitchen committees since joining. Now on Event Planning, Katie says she has really enjoyed planning the Annual Dinner most recently: “It’sRead More

Member Spotlight – Mollie Williams

Mollie Williams is an experienced Junior Leaguer who currently serves on the BINGO Committee. Mollie joined the Junior League of Miami in 2009 as a way to give back to her community while she was home caring for her newborn son. She transferred to the JLDOC in 2014 and has served on the Extra Hands,Read More